Pezet 515

Pezet 515

The Pezet 515 residential building was designed architect Hans Hollein (winner of the Pritzker Prize 1985), and is located in front of a Golf Club in San Isidro district.

Though a dynamic and sculptural design, the building aims to privilege the views towards the El Golf’s extensive green area. For this reason, the facade of Pezet avenue was cladded entirely with glass curtain wall, and the facade of Clement street presents a wooden composition baptized as the “barcode” due to its random pattern of vertical bars; This “barcode” allows to maintain the views towards El Golf on the side face, and at the same time it provides privacy to the spaces.


Project Info:

Architecture: HANS HOLLEIN & Partner ZT-GmbH

Local Architecture: Shell Arquitectos

Client: Inmobiliaria Vitrubio S.A.

Location: Lima, Perú

Status: Completed

Site Area: 1,500 sqm

Project Area: 16,269.73 sqm

Number of Stories: 16

Building Height: 61.10 meters

Typology: Residential

Structure: Seintec

Plumbing: Roberto Pain

Electrical: Víctor Cortijo

Mechanical: Proterm Perú

Gas: Brisergen

Safety: ESSAC

Landscaping: Rafael Cubas

Lighting: Hilite

Project Management: Buckley & Konno

Contractor: Coinsa, Buckley & Konno

Photography: Christoph Monschein, Jorge Ezquiroz

HANS HOLLEIN & Partner ZT-GmbH: Hans Hollein, Ulf Klotz, Christoph Monschein, Martin Rapp

Shell Arquitectos: Alejandro Shell, Rafael Mispireta, Felipe Carbonell, Cesar Silva, Lissette Vilela, Martin Neuenschwander, Maga Guanilo, Angie Terukina