University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC)

University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC)

University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC)

The building of the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) is the winning design of the international competition held by the institution in 2011, which was won by the team of Grafton Architects, led by architects Yvonne Farrel and Shelley McNamara (2020 Pritzker Prize). The building concept is that of a “man-made cliff”, alluding to its geographical location (as an extension of the Costa Verde cliffs), and its materiality (predominantly exposed concrete). The building presents an open architecture, without enclosure on the façade, so that the user can feel related to the outside at all times. The north face is protected from the sun thanks to its cantilevered canopy roof, and the south face presents a terracing section with green areas that helps to control the scale towards the Barranco district.

In 2016, the building was awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) with the RIBA International Prize and RIBA Award for International Excellence.

Project Info:

Architecture: Grafton Architects

Local Architecture: Shell Arquitectos

Award: RIBA International Prize and RIBA Award for International Excellence 2016

Client: Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnología – UTEC

Location: Lima, Perú

Status: Construction Completed (First Phase)

Site Area: 14,692.50 sqm

Project Area: 68,624.70 sqm (Phases 1 & 2)

Number of Stories: 10

Building Height: 43 meters

Typology: Educational / University

Environmental Certification: LEED Silver

LEED Consultant: Sumac

Structure: GCAQ Ingenieros Civiles

Plumbing: Equipo G

Electrical: AT consultores

Lighting: Rie Sakata Lighting Designers

Mechanical: Gutiérrez Castillo Ingenieros

Safety: ESSAC

Acoustics: Jimenez & Moreno

Landscaping: Paisaje Vivo

Project Management: GCAQ Ingenieros Civiles

Contractor: GyM

Grafton Architects: Yvonne Farrell, Shelley McNamara, Ger Carty, Simona Castelli, Joanne Lyons, Ivan O’Connell

Shell Arquitectos: Alejandro Shell, Rafael Mispireta, Vladimir Cóndor, Pamela Higa, Margaux Eyssette, Luis Tomassini, Diego de la Vega