Our proposal for the contest prepared by the National Service for Training in Industrial Work (SENATI).

The starting point is the correct orientation of the building in relation to sunlight, winds, visual and internal street axis, the analysis of the architectural program ad the user.

The academic program is concentrated in two towers, interconnected by bridges, some of which house part of the program such as study rooms or the library. On the lower levels is the auditorium and the cafeteria, integrated with the outdoor plaza. The plaza and gardens extend on a slope, roofing the auditorium, allowing the social areas of the building to integrate with the exterior plaza.

The distinctive section of the project presents a vertical tower and the other inclined; the inclination responds to the solar path, to reduce the direct incidence of the solar rays in summer on the classrooms and at the same time it looks for an iconic building for the place.


Project Info:

Architecture: Shell Arquitectos

Client: SENATI

Location: Lima – Perú

Status: Contest

Site Area: 3,765 sqm

Project Area: 17,921 sqm

Typology: Educational

Shell Arquitectos: Alejandro Shell, Rafael Mispireta, Franco Elias, Carlos Yagui, Vladimir Condor, Margaux Eyssette, Diego Silva Santisteban, Pamela Higa